The Right Battery for Your Vehicle

There are two main types of batteries: The conventional Lead-Acid (LA) battery and the Maintenance Free battery (MF). The main difference between the two is that the MF battery does not require regular addition of battery water to the cell. The LA does. Your car battery performs three main functions:


  • Engine Starter – it is used to operate the starter motor and to provide current for the ignition system during engine cranking. Starting the car is the battery’s most important function
  • Engine When Off – it is used to operate lighting, accessories or other electrical systems, whether the engine is running or not
  • Engine When Running – it may be needed to supplement the charging system of the vehicle. Both the battery and the alternator supply electricity when demand is high.


How to Care for Your Car Battery

  • Ensure that the battery is the right size for the vehicle. Refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Check the battery regularly for correct maintenance of charge. This can be done at every service
  • Keep your battery and its connections clean and dry to prevent corrosion build-up due to water evaporation.
  • Apply a thin film of petroleum jelly to inhibit corrosion on the terminals. DO NOT use grease as it is flammable
  • Top up the battery with de-ionised water to maintain correct levels of electrolyte (this is only for Lead-Acid batteries)


You can purchase your preferred car battery at any of our branches countrywide. Kingsway is the sole distributor of Delkor free-maintenance batteries. We have also introduced free battery testing thanks to Midtronics’ range of testers which can identify a dying or dead battery.


The Midtronics EXP analyser is a hand-held gadget that gives immediate reports and unparalleled accuracy for decision-making.  This service is exclusive to Kingsway Tyres Ltd.


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