Keep Calm and Drive On This Festive Season

Maintain Your Vehicle: Drive a road worthy car by regularly getting it serviced and replacing worn out parts. Before setting off on a long drive, ensure your car’s lubricants are in the right level, your mechanical and electrical parts are working right and that your tyres are in good tread, alignment, balance and pressure.


Check for Speed Limits: The traffic act dictates what speed limit you should maintain on highways and within the city. These rules are in place to ensure that you can maneuver your vehicle while being in control of it. Remember, you are not the only one using the road – there are pedestrians and cyclists as well, so be mindful of other road users. Leave in good time to reach your destination safely and with peace of mind.


Get a Cab: Leave your car at home if you plan on going out for a drink. Otherwise, appoint a designated driver. Your life and that of your family and friends depends on it.


Avoid Distractions: Texting while driving, talking on the phone while driving, passing that bag of chips while driving, having your baby on the driver’s seat while driving.., all big no-nos. Keep your eyes on the road. Always have a 360 degree view around you by constantly utilizing your car mirrors.


Get Some Rest: A good night’s rest is always good before a long drive. Even then, and where possible, take turns driving so everyone that gets a turn to drive gets some rest too.


Keep Your Cool: There will always be crazy drivers out there. Matatus and motorbikes have a tendency of getting on our nerves. Let it go. Don’t be dragged into a lewd shouting or “sign-language” match. Report any reckless driving you come across to the authorities.


Accidents and incidences happen every day – sometimes outside of our control, most within our ability to avoid them. Wishing you happy holidays. For more information about our products and service, call us on 0735 699 000 or email:


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