Everyday Tyre Tips


Having your tyres correctly inflated optimizes performance and leads to increased safety. Check your tyre pressure including the spare tyre at least once a month and before long journeys.



Tyres become worn over time. This period depends on a variety of factors including drivers’ behavior, roughness of the road surface, mechanical condition of the vehicle and tyre pressure. Get your tyres checked regularly both inside and outside by a tyre specialist.


Keep a check of tyres not in use. Tyres age even when they’re not being used. Surface cracks appear in the rubber and the carcass can distort. Proper storage increases the life expectancy and performance of tyres. Therefore, tyres should be stored:

  • In a well ventilated, cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.
  • Away from chemicals, solvents or fuels that may affect rubber.
  • Away from pointed metal or wood that can penetrate the rubber.
  • Away from sources of heat or flames and substances that could cause sparks or an electrical discharge.
  • Away from sources of ozone.



A well balanced tyre with an even distribution of weight rotates on its axle without causing any vibrations. Perfect balancing can only be carried out by specialists, as it requires specific measuring equipment. Well balanced tyres make for more comfortable driving, longer tyre life and less premature mechanical wear.



To ensure perfect tyre sealing, the rim must not be distorted or rusted. When fitting, the beads must be properly positioned on the rim. The valve and its cap must be changed every time it is fitted.



Whether a small perforation or a large puncture resulting in a significant loss in pressure, your tyre must be inspected by a qualified tyre expert. Only a professional will be able to ascertain whether the inner casing has been damaged beyond repair.



Proper wheel alignment is vital to your safety. If your vehicles suspending geometry is incorrect, its handling may be altered and your safety compromised. Proper wheel alignment also protects tyres from irregular and rapid wear and to save fuel.


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