Don’t Get Stranded on the Road

Busy with our day today activities, we often forget to service our cars until they suddenly come to a halt in the middle of the road. But we can avoid such surprises by keeping a few things in mind.

  • Service – Maintaining your vehicle in good condition is of utmost importance. Be aware of the components of your vehicle that need regular service. It is recommended that a minor service be done after every 5,000kms and a major service done after every 20,000kms. Ensure that your tyres are serviced regularly and before a long journey.


  • Tools – in case of an emergency, and for your safety ensure that you have all the right tools in your car.  Often have a jack, spanner, life savers, first aid kit, jumper cables, fire extinguisher, tow hook and rope. It is also important to know how to use these tools.


  • Spare wheel – A spare wheel in your vehicle is a must. This could be a donut spare or tyre and wheel of the actual size. Ensure that it has its recommended inflation pressure, and check it regularly just like your other tyres.

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